welcome to the ultimate container of soul embodiment and expansion

Tara and her Spirit Team are Soul excited that you are wanting to grow and expand on your soul’s purpose and serve the world by being YOU. Sharing your story and empowering others with all the gifts you have in your magical tool box is a BEAUTIFUL way of being, and we are honored to help guide you through this beautiful transition!

It is your time to step up and play the role of the light leader that you were born to be. You have done this before, you have been preparing to share more light on earth for aeons. The intelligence of the universe lies within you. 

Now it is time to be led by your intuition,  and I am holding space for you to be activated, to alchemize your codes and templates of ancient wisdom with the world. There are no limits. It’s time to create this new paradigm way of BEing. 

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Tara & Her Spirit Team ✨



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