Oracle Orbit

Travel through space and complete a 1-year trip around the sun

for all 12 moon phases!

Welcome intuitive soul!

This is an incredible journey that you get to go on choosing Tara as your Spiritual Guide, sharing her spirit medicine with you. Healing, connecting with your Spirit guide & your own spirit medicine, cracking parts of you wide open, burning down the boxes, moving energy through healing and reconnecting with the medicine woman within you.

Where each month you will get to connect with Tara through a Soul Discovery Reading & Akashic Record Readings every month!!

Are you ready?!

Here is what we’ll cover in our Oracle Orbit year together:

☀️ Tapping into your soul’s purpose

☀️ What is in alignment with your soul’s path for this lifetime

☀️ Understanding intuitive gifts and how to use them

☀️ Understanding how to channel your divine creations

☀️ Insight/guidance into purposeful business (if you’re looking to start a business or currently own one)

☀️ Any blocks and limitations and where they stem from

☀️ What is in alignment with your soul’s path for this lifetime

☀️ Help you activate your full spiritual power

Does this resonate with your human?

Monthly 1:1 Intuitive Readings

Tara will guide you through your Soul’s Journey within the Akashic Records, understanding your cosmic origins and your multidimensionality, reconnecting with your past lives. There are many layers to your BEing than you can comprehend, and acknowledging the wisdom which comes forth from the Akasha can be life changing.

🪐 Past lives to connecting with your soul’s plan

🪐 Cosmic origin

🪐 Starseed lineage

🪐 Soul groups and energy centres you belong to

🪐 What you’ve come here to learn

🪐 Deep healing connecting back to the origins

🪐 Release karma, soul contracts and vows that bind you to negative life patterns

🪐 Gain clarity on situations that keep reoccurring in your life

your intuition knows the way!

Let's do this!



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