wandering but not lost...

Hi wanderer! I'm Tara...

A Multidimensional Ceremonialist, Energy Healer, Intuitive Reader, Channel & Quantum Coach.

My passion and expertise is connecting with multidimensional information and channeling it to be acknowledge by all aspects of self integrating energetic connections within your body, mind & soul.

To alchemize your spirit within your human connecting you with your innate knowing and  mastering freedom, peace and unconditional love, ascending beyond the 3D.

I hope you find what you are searching for!!!

A Sacred Home for Intuitive's, Healers, Wisdom Keepers and Guides, Sovereign BEings of the New Earth

Intuitively Free Beings

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Spirit Circle

Intuitive & Psychic Development For Souls Who...

Celestial Sound Bath with Cacao

Journey Beyond Space & Time By Coming Home To Your Soul...

Self-Healing Technique

Past Life Regression- Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

🤍 QHHT focuses on all aspect of personal empowerment and self-healing, with the aim of achieving a greater sense of wellbeing and divine insight.

🤍QHHT is a practice that enables great spiritual rewards and creates infinite self-awareness

🤍Within QHHT the cause of issues can be revealed and explained within your own soul logic and heal within a soulful release across the mind, body & soul

🤍A journey inwards to meet past, present, future and parallel and other energy forms of yourself to grow and evolve on a multidimensional level

Spirit School

🔮 A school of Intuition, Metaphysis & Quantum Theory 🪄

💫12 Month School of Quantum Magic

💫Quantum Healing & Psychic Surgery 

💫Star Races Cosmic Magic 

💫Purpose of Humans & meaning of life 
💫Origins of the Creator 
💫Higer Dimensional Counciousness
💫Quantum Time Travel


💫Past Live, Akashic Records, Afterlife, Review of Life

Sacred Shroom Ceremony

Disconnect to Reconnect Retreat will include...


other love notes...

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