sacred sound healing

Allow the universe to speak to you receiving the medicine from Crystalline Sound Bowls, moving energy through you, as you journey off guided by the frequencies and tones, leaving your physical body to play in the astral realms.

Bathing in the Celestial Light Code transmission and Cosmic Frequencies as the resonances creates ripple and shifts you back your natural high vibrational frequency anchoring and nourishing your mind, body and soul with good vibes whilst grounded and revitalising your body with the nutrients of Cacao.

During the session Tara connects with her Higher Self and Galatic Guides to channel specific sounds and transmissions tailored to your the collectives Souls calling. To create the space for you to receive a multidimensional healing.

sacred sound healing

a Celestial sound bath is a journey draws upon:

Benefits of Sound Healing

Tara and her Spirit Guides offer this Soul Nourishing Experience every month.

Journey with us every month!

what to expect

 🙏Doors will open 15 minutes before the ceremony starts, you will be greeted with a creamy cup of freedom ceremonial cacao offered on arrival. You will have a few moments to ground get comfy and set your sacred space up before we official open the circle.

🙏After a brief introduction we will begin at 7:15pm by lying down as you are guided into a deep state of relaxation.

🙏For the next 60 minutes you will be taken on a journey through sound like no other using crystals singing bowls complimented by a light language transmission DNA activation that are necessary to support the healing of the collective group as I’m intuitively guided.

🙏 Your only job is to relax, stay present with the sounds around you and be open to receive any healing or guidance that comes up throughout the journey. You will be guided to call any pieces of yourself that are unintegrated back into the light and to align with the highest frequencies.

🙏At the end of the ceremony there will be an opportunity for you to share your insights with the rest of the group. I find that this can be such an integral part of integrating your experience and trying to connect with message that your intuition shared with you, also though sharing and connecting with others you may find that this helps fill the gaps for your own experience. This will also be a chance where if Tara feels guided to help you connect with your experience to channel insight and guidance to support your incredible journey.

wHAT To bring

Please avoid coffee/alcohol on the day and have a light dinner if you need to eat before.

I look forward to serving your highest self 😊.

looking for something more intimate?

1:1 multidimensional crystalline sound healing

90 Minute Healing through ZOOM in the comfort of your own Divine Sanctuary

My Sound Healing sessions are unique and personalized to what your soul is needing to receive, to help clear unwanted energy, unblock hidden potential, and alchemise and amplify positive energy.

A safe and sacred space for your to let go and process your emotions and stresses and shed outdated ways of seeing and understanding yourself, reconnecting with your higher self and grounded that consciousness within every fibre of your being.

During this crystalline Sound Healing I use 432 Hz crystal singing bowls and channel Light Language, the languages that speaks to your soul. Channelled from divine source energy. It will be everything you need to be reminded of and then more.

What to expect:

Once you have selected a preferred time you will be guided to make a payment in full, you will then recieve a confirmation email as well as a follow up email an hour before your appointment as a reminder. 

Following your – 1:1 Multidimensional Healing Crystalline Sound Healing you will receive a recording of you journey to treasure forever. 


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