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Tara Goddard is an Intuitive, Healer and Spiritual Awakening coach, and creator of the Mad Hatters brand. Tara is here to a make a massive impact within this life time- she is a highly advanced being that only comes to earth every now and again for specific purposes. She works with other ascending masters, working collectively with earth’s magnetic and crystalline frequencies. She coaches women to master their cosmic being in this reality and to help ascend into the 5D, working on areas of  spirituality, mindset, holistic health and wellness, abundance, self-love and relationships, and aromatherapy. She coaches on how to use all these tools to have sustainable growth, access the life one envisions for themselves, and create a new world.

Tara is a mother of three beautiful intuitive children and is a  loving partner to Kevin Jones. They live in Aotearoa, New Zealand. She is currently grounded in Manawatu, where she runs in-person events as well as online programs and memberships such as the online Spiritual Circle – Psychic Development Group, Auric Magnetic healings, and Light Activation Healings. She has her own brand of products entitled New Paradigm Medicine, which consists of intuitively-made essential oil blends. For those who want her all to themselves, she also takes on one-on-one spiritual coaching. 

Tara is a fun loving gypsy, crystal lover, and proud plant mumma. She is super passionate about plant-based medicine and has a charismatic wit that can make her energy captivating. Her words are powerfully spoken as she stands in her truth. She is a catalyst for others to be empowered to create change and transform their lives into wondrous alignment, enlightenment, and transitioning the collective consciousness into the 5D. 

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