What is a
White Witch Party?

The White Witch party is a unique way to get together with friends and each receive a private psychic reading.

Party readings are fairly short (15 minutes), but it still gives more than enough time to receive insightful guidance and sample what a longer reading may offer them.

A psychic party creates an opportunity for people to experience a connection to their most authentic selves and be reminded of their soul’s intention…

Whilst channeling your inner witch!

You’re invited!

psychic table & crystal boutique 👁

This is the main feature of our White Witch party! Enjoy:

🌠Self Read Tarot & Oracle Cards
🧙🏼Intuitive Games
🌠Divination Tools
🧙🏻‍♀️Ways to increase your intuition
🌠Witch’s Photo Booth

Plus EVEN MORE waiting to be announced!


We’ll get to know each other over hors d’oeuvres + bubbles + Spirit.

Dress up in your White Witch’s Gown and put on your crown. 🌠🤍🌠


Your Ticket Includes:

👸🏻Admission 5.30PM – 10.30PM
💖Intuitive & Psychic Development
🍸Wine & Cocktails
🧀Platters & Nibbles
🧙🏻‍♀️Psychic Reading
👁Witch’s Circle
🌝Witch’s Cleansing
🧙🏼Crystal Boutique

PLUS: Join a Forever online community to stay in touch with your new witchy friends!!!

A Wicked Good Time

First Psychic Witch & Host

Tara is a Intuitive Reader • Intuitive Healer  • Psychic Medium • Akashic Reader & Teacher • Past Life Regressionist • Multidimensional Channel • Spiritual Coach

If you wanna check out Tara Goddard and her WHITCHY MAGIK, you can follow her below

Second Psychic Witch Bria

Bria Rose is a Intuitive Card Reader • Intuitive Healer • Channel Of The Divine Wisdom • Medium • Self Love Activator • Akashic Record Reader

If you wanna check out Bria Rose and her WHITCHY MAGIK, you can follow her below

third Psychic Witch Chelsea

Chelsea is a Intuitive Tarot Card Reader • Medium psychic • Energy Clearer •Shadow Worker • Sensual Priestess and Mentor of Light Activation.

If you wanna check out Chelsea Renee and her WHITCHY MAGIK, you can follow her below

Crystal Boutique

Emerald Moon Boutique offers Healing tools which assist all souls with their own personal Shadow Work journey & guiding them back to self. 


If you wanna check out Emerald Moon Crystal Botique and the CRYSYAL MAGIK, you can follow them below

ogapher Alisha

Alisha is a Intuitive Creatrix • Photographer • Blogger • YouTuber • Marketing Desinger • Content Creator • 

If you wanna check out Alisha Paewai and her WHITCHY MAGIK, you can follow her below

our Witchess (Intuitive Hostess) Talia

Talia Paewai is a Intuitive Creatrix • Entertainment Organiser • Creator of Conscious Chill out time with children • 👁🧙🏻‍♀️👁

If you wanna check out Talia Paewai and her WHITCHY MAGIK, you can follow her below

ready to dust of your broom stick?

$111 NZD

For a Night out in the Coven 👸🏻

Limited to 30 Spaces overall!!!


Coming Soon in 2022


Previously was located at 1 King Street, Palmerston North
Tracy Jenkinson’s Yoga Studio
(In the historic Innes Dean’s House Building)



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