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Smudging calls on the spirits of sacred plants to bring you back to your natural harmonic state.

The intention of working with these botanical beauties is through a sacred ritual cleansing yourself and your environment. This is a powerful herd that has a variety of benefits.

about the sacred smudging sticks

Smudging evokes and amplifies the sacred plant medicine to help transmute energy. Visualizing the cloud of smoke allows you to visualize that that which is no longer in alignment with your energy, frequency and vibration is floating and flowing away.

Tara uniquely channels and creates each Sacred Smudging stick to hold a unique energetic frequency for you to unlock and activate divine codes within you. 

 She does this through energetic scanning where she picks up on the energies within your auric field matching complimentary plants such as white sage, dried flowers, essential oils and a specifically charged crystal all woven together with divine intention.

Therefore when you light the sacred smudging stick, the energy, codes, channel activation will evoke a transformational energetic shift helping you step into your most aligned version of yourself, burning away old fragments of yourself, your environment and creating the space for new.

Holistic Benefits

Holistic benefits for mind, body, and soul...

need some instructions?

Click the link below to download the Sacred Smudging Sticks Instructions Sheet. This document details everything you need to know about using your new sticks! As always, feel free to reach out to me, Tara Goddard, with personal questions at


When should I use my smudging sticks?

When moving in a new home to cleanse it of the last occupants energy and allow you to start fresh.

To cleanse energy from you, a space or an object (this includes your crystals)

When your energy is low and you are feeling anxious or stressed.

To allow you to focus, with work, study or just day-to-day life.

How do I cleanse my body?

To cleanse your own energy, use the lit Sage and allow the smoke to drift over your body, starting at you feet and working your way up to your head. Visualise the smoke removing all the negative energy from your body and keep your intention present.

How do I cleanse my crystals?

Just like us our crystals can hold onto negative energy. It is important to cleanse them to bring them back to their most powerful form. Once your sage is burning you can guide the smoke over your crystals, this works well when you have a large collection. Alternatively you can hold the crystal over the smoke stream to allow it to flow through.

Cleansing crystals in water also works, but some crystals shouldn’t get wet as this can ruin them. So sage is a cleansing routine that is safe on all crystals if you’re unsure.

What do I do with the crystal while smudging?

I like to keep the crystal on while burning my smudge stick to allow its energy to flow. Once you have burned to the crystal simply remove it and carry on using your smudge stick.

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Click the link below to order your very own set of Sacred Smudging Sticks for $45 NZD + shipping. 



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