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you were guided here for a reason.

You were guided here for a reason, love- I believe life placed synchronistic opportunities in front of both of us so that you could come across this page. 

Do you go through life wondering, seeking, wanderlusting. trying to understand who you are and what your purpose is in life?

Have you always had an inner knowing and nudging about connecting with spirit, but felt scared to act on it?

Do you feel powerless to life’s circumstances and crave self connection?

I know who you are, hun.

I see you.

You’ve always had this inner knowing and connection to spirit and source energy, but you probably grew up believing in society’s misconceptions, thinking that there was something wrong with you 

You may have even started to believe that all of your gifts, intuitive nudges, and your deep connection with the divine wasn’t real. 

You may have even become afraid of your own gifts and kept them a secret, forcing yourself to live in an old paradigm of fear. 

Sound familiar?

this was my story, too.

I remember feeling overwhelmed by my intuitive gifts, feeling as though they controlled me… But the more I let Spirit into my life, the more clarity I gained. And the more clarity I gained, the more action I took to align my life with my purpose.

Now, I’ve been able to step into my own, ignite my purpose and vision, and OWN my connection with Spirit. 

I felt just as lost and scared as you do, but I overcame these challenges to truly shine in who I am. Now it’s time for you to do the same- it’s time for you to rediscover who you truly are.

I went from...

I now know who I am, and the importance of healing myself first. 

I want to give you that same gift.

my story (so far...)

As a little girl, I was very connected to Spirit.

I would regularly wake up to see spirits sitting at the foot of my bed, waiting to talk to me. I would always have weird things happen to me- Spirit loved to play games with me to get my attention, and would often change radio stations on a manual dial radio or move things around in my room.

I always tended to know when things would happen, too. One night, when I was camping, intuition warned me not to sleep outside in the tent alone as my family had wanted me to. I listened and slept inside. That night, there were robberies around my neighborhood, an assault on my neighbor- and the tent I was supposed to sleep in was slashed to pieces. I felt intuitively pulled to the exact location of my brother’s car accident after feeling that something bad had happened to them.

As quickly as I discovered my gifts, I suppressed them just as quickly. In early adulthood, Spirit tried to communicate with me again and my gifts returned- but I was too scared to face them.

I felt such extreme anxiety and became so overwhelmed by spirit’s return in my life that I numbed my mind, body and soul with unfulfilling jobs, addictions, mental health injuries and eating disorders. I took on multiple sales roles that I excelled in, but felt all the while that there was something more that I was missing, some greater purpose that I wasn’t fulfilling, and felt I lost myself along the way, becoming a shell of the Tara I knew I was meant to be..

Once I let Spirit in and started to reconnect with who I was, I found that the purpose I had been seeking for so long was to help bridge the gap between higher dimensions of beings and the souls here on earth. I found my purpose through working with Spirit after trying for so many years to run from it. And now I run the soul business of my dreams, fulfilling my purpose and setting a beautiful example for those I lead.

The Universe was guiding me to do some soul work to dig deep into rediscovering my purpose in life- and I took the leap to wholeheartedly embrace my spiritual awakening. Piece by piece, I started putting the puzzle of my life together in a way that felt aligned and nourishing, and I haven’t looked back since.

Since my spiritual awakening, I have…

Reconnected with my inner self and found love of all things spiritual
– Proudly come out of the “spiritual closet” as a clairvoyant, psychic, and medical medium
– Created a paradigm-shattering soul business to connect and channel messages from higher beings to dream clients

How did I make these changes?

I invested in myself.

I committed to myself.

I saw the version of myself that I wanted to be and acted from her space.

Change is a decision about who you want to be and how you want to live,
and taking action on that decision creates “the conditions for inevitable success.”

my services

The business of changing people’s lives comes from my heart- it’s my passion and purpose. I take great pride in my services, which are a blend of: 

Spirituality & Intuitive Guidance

Cutting-Edge Psychology & Neuroscience

Holistic Health & Wellness

Sustainable Personal Growth

Plant Medicine

Full Lifestyle Transformation

You can learn more about my services here.

What I offer you is


I help you regain your personal power, reconnect with yourself, and rediscover what is holding you back from creating your vision of your reality. Together, we can design a life for you that is holistic and healthy- in mind, body, and spirit– based on changing your mindset around my core focuses of physical, mental, and emotional health, spiritual health, transforming addictions and changing habits.

When you are ready to make the decision to commit to being the best version of you minus the excuses- because you deserve more, you desire more, you need more- is when the magic happens. 

This is when we create change that lasts.

healing happens from the inside out.

The truth is that your capacity to change lies within you… But are you ready for it?

It's your time to shine!


Tara Goddard


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