Who is a "Intuitively Free Being"?

A “Intuitively Free Being” is someone who is curious, who is awake, who challenges authorities and old paradigm beliefs. 

A sovereign being believes in all things mystical and magic, and their biggest superpowers are their Intuitive Abilities. 

She takes responsibility for her own energy and is willing to work through her inner shadows to emerge from the rabbit hole and reach the light at the end of the tunnel. 

She is willing to go to extraordinary lengths to activate and awaken her truth, peeling back layers, timelines and immersing in her purpose and making a massive impact in this life time.

Does that sound like you?

then this conscious space is for you!

WHAT you can expect:

💎LIVE Intuitive Guidance Readings

🔮Mini Oracle/Tarot Card Readings

💎Spiritual How To: LIVE videos hosted in Zoom

🔮Guest Speaker once a month

💎Regular exclusive Mad Hatter events 

🔮In Person Monthly Events – Spiritual Awareness Sacred Circle

💎Exclusive promotions and deals

🔮Tips and tricks on how to improve your Intuitive Gifts

💎Ways to navigate your way through your Spiritual Awakening

🔮Ability to connect and grow with like-minded Soul Sisters

apply to be a guest speaker!

Thank you for your interest in being featured on the Intuitively Free Beings Facebook Group! 

This community is a community based on curiosity that there is more out there than what we can perceive with our 5 senses. It is a sacred high vibin coven of mystic, seekers, psychics, and soul sister who are looking to embrace a life of Spirituality.  We cover various content around your Spiritual Awakening, working on your Mind + Body + Soul, focusing on all areas of your spiritual self. All conversation is open, unedited, and raw and authentic to create connection based upon truth. 

LIVE’s can be extremely spiritual and energetic focused, or more strategic. As long as we vibe and we add value to my most favorite people (the tribe) we’re gonna hit it off! 

If you feel you would be a fit and live by INTUITIVE GUIDANCE, feel free to fill out the application below. 

Once your application has been sent through it will be reviewed by our collaborations manager and if and when you or your subject-of-interest are a fit, we will respond. 

I am SOUL excited about connecting and creating a platform where you can share what LIGHT’s you the F**K Up and how you are sharing your SOUL Magic with the world.

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