what is spirit circle?

Tara has been running an in person spirit circle in Manawatu for the past year and has decided  to open this sacred space up for more beautiful souls to be able to tune in and connect from anywhere around the world and still have the same sacred intention and space for beautiful ladies to activate and unlock their psychic abilities.

This is a virtual psychic development Spirit circle for those lost souls that know deep down that they are psychic, intuitive and gifted and don’t know where to go or where to start to learn and discover and develop their gifts in a high vibe, safe container.

They have a deep calling to all things SPIRITUAL and are looking strengthen their connecting with their guidance and spirit guides . If developing your psychic gifts  is something you want to explore,  this circle is going to help you understand what your gifts are how to use them with confidence and clarity within a safe sacred circle with other soul sisters.


Let Tara guide you to becoming your own oracle in the modern world.

It is hosted in the most high-vibe and powerful Facebook group with the most incredible community of soul sisters you can imagine- from mystics to healers, psychics to mediums, empaths to clairvoyants, all of these women desire more connection, confidence and a clearer channel.

All of the content from the course will stay available for four additional weeks post-program for integration, support and clarity.

this is for souls who...

your intuition knows her shit!

started in july 2020...

Are you looking to learn how to perfect your craft and become your own sorcerer?

Then this is the spirit circle for you! It is time to immerse yourself and join this beautiful spiritual container and nurture the seeds to grow. My mission is to normalize having a connection with spirit and source energy, and allowing others to see it as an essential part of life nourishing your mind, body and soul. Spiritual and self development are both interconnected.

what to expect:

Learn the craft of what it means to have a spiritual connection and be a FREE spirit, and do it from a place of new paradigm belief, anchored in empowerment.

All Spiritual Classes will be held in virtual classroom the first Tuesday of every month! All content will be uploaded to a spirit members only portal to access on your own timeline.

spiritual topics include...

about tara

Hi wanderer! I'm Tara...

A gypsie, free spirited, passionate soul searcher connecting people to their truth. I connect people to their innate knowing, helping them follow their white rabbit and aligning their mind + body + soul to raise the vibration of mother earth. This is my sacred business that lights me the f**k up! I hope you find what you are searching for.

Tara's Spiritual Awakening

I have always been Aware...

As a little girl I have always had the ability to be able to connect with the spiritual realm, however as i got older I became more aware that societies perception of “seeing dead people” wasn’t normal. For many years I suppressed and numbed my gifts, untill I couldn’t any more. 


$11 usd

every month


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