have you gone mad?

Do you feel lost in a world of your own?

I channel guidance to reach the depths of your soul’s consciousness to help you uncover your own identity, grow your soul and create meaning around life’s experiences. I can help you create your desired reality in leading a life of curiosity and wonder.

a higher perspective

The purpose of my intuitive readings is to help you to understand all things from a higher perspective.

We’ll create a sacred space where we can play with your curiosity to identify what is coming up for you, your purpose, and provide you with guidance to continue on your quest of life. 

Channeling Spirit, I’ll help you uncover any blockages or shadows that may be present and provide solutions to work through them so that you can align with your highest path.

let's dive in

Here's what I can tap into for you during a reading:

  • Life & Career (Purpose)
  • Health Insights
  • Spiritual Gifts & Connection
  • Mediumship
  • Relationships (Soulmates & Twin Flames)
  • Shadow Areas & Blockages
  • Chakra Insights
  • Psychic Insights- What is in alignment for this lifetime?
  • Crystals to Work With
  • Soul Child(ren) Waiting to Come Through
  • Spirit Animals & Spirit Totem Animals
  • Spirit Guides & Energies

"my reading with tara was transformational"

How My Readings Work

Ways I receive messages from Spirit

I often receive messages from spirit through visions, feelings, knowings and little whispers of wisdom. These are the most common ways that I work with particular energies to bring messages through for my clients. My body acts as a channel to bridge the gap between spirit and the sitter.

Tarot & Oracle Cards

Sometimes I use spiritual tools, such as Tarot or Oracle Cards, during sessions to translate messages through or clarify certain pieces of information that I have delivered. This is a nice way to provide physical confirmation through beautiful high vibrational artistry.

soul discovery readings

Your investment for



$111 usd

Your investment for



$144 usd

*90 minutes is required for a first-time Soul Discovery reading.

Once you click the “Buy Now” button and purchase your Soul Discovery Reading, you will be sent to my calendar to book yourself in a time that suits you.

*“Curious or Curiouser” Academy Members receive 20% savings – please email Tara directly for your booking.

"i was absolutely blown away"


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