Tara is a certified 


🙌 Reiki Master

💎 Light Code Healer

🙌 Trinity Key Healer

💎 Auric Magnetic Healer


Tara had her initiation into becoming a Healer on a Gifted Experts Retreat hosted in the land of  God’s in Bali in 2019. 

It was during a Sound Healing in the Pyramids of Chi, where she recieved a cosmic download and healing hand activation recieving the universal consciousness of ascended healers recieving a DNA activation upgrading the meridian points in her hands, opening up these portals to channel these incredible frequencies through her to recipients.

Since then Tara has been guided by Spirit to become a conduit to become a master healer working with different healing frequencies from a diverse range of healing modalities. To be of highest service to guide others to learn to heal from the inside out.

Healing is a Co-Creation 

A master healer is someone that knows they aren’t the one healing the patient they a creating the space for the patient to recognize thier inante potential within to heal themselves.

Tara offers a unique intuitive energy healing experience drawing upon multiple modalities. Accessing high-vibrational consciousness codes to heal your mind, body and soul. Expanding your consciousness, shifting your vibration, and spending up the healing process.
Creating the oppertunity to heal at the deepest levels and find alignment with your life purpose. An intutive healing with Tara will help you connect you to the frequency of unconditional love, inner wisdom and super-heightened awareness that enable you to manifest your perfect reality quickly. 

In other words...

... a master healer return the cells of the body back to their correct frequency of vibrations.


🤍Reduced pain and stress for pre- and post-operative trauma

🤍Heal wounds & broken bones in half the time

🤍Alleviate infertility, dizziness, tiredness

🤍Deal with Disease, Medical conditions, disorders, accidents, grief, and emotional traumas

🤍Enhance immune efficiency

🤍Ability to balance & energise the energy field

🤍Realign the Mind, Body & Soul

🤍Tingling, Warmth/coolnes, Muscle twitching

Liberated feeling

Energy rising through your senses and activating a gamma state

Relaxation & Reduced stress and anxiety

Shifting and expanding of your mental, emotional, and spiritual capacity

Activation of dormant portions of your DNA

Opening of your third eye

Remembering of your mission and your soul’s purpose

Remembering of your soul’s essence and where you came from

A feeling, memory, unexpected thought, or other mental and emotional things

A magnetic healer sees the physical body as a billion, billion living cells which go to make up that body. If every living cell in the body is in perfect working order, then there will be no negative areas reflected in the energy field, therefore no resistance to the flow of the hand over the body.

Colin R. Lambert

auric fields are damaged by...

🤍Emotions, depression, grief, feeling powerless

🤍An accident, shock

🤍Negativity from others

🤍Pollution, sick buildings

🤍Chemicals, drugs

🤍Food & drink


🤍Other electromagnetic energy:-

🤍Radiowaves, microwaves, infra-red radiation, UV radiation,

🤍X-rays, Gamma rays, Television, computers, cell phones,

🤍Fluorescent lights, electrical machines, powerlines etc.

Auric / Magnetic healing can help to clear the build up of this dross, by releasing it and then repairing areas of the aura affected.

Sometimes the healer will also need to seal any leaks, rents or tears that have been causing fatigue of either the physical, emotional and mental layers.

During an illness, strengthened energy fields heal physical illness and can be combined with all other health care being used. This helps the patient to return to full health using all levels of healing.

more about auric healing

Auric / Magnetic healing is about working with the electromagnetic energy which surrounds every living thing, and the interaction between those energies. When a healer places his/her hand over a body and turns their computer mind to the desired frequency of transmission of energy, then that energy interacts with the energy surrounding the patient. If you can imagine the patient’s body is like a radio station putting out a frequency, from a distance, a healer, with developed sensitivity, picks up and works with it.

It doesn’t matter how far away the patient is, as vibrations travel a great distance.

The name and address of the person is enough, or a photo or a letter written by them is an added advantage, as they too hold the person’s vibration for the magnetic healer to place on their couch.

When someone requests healing either by writing or speaking on the telephone, that one has put out on to the ethers a vibration which does not just stay with them, but becomes part of the “all that is” which surrounds the planet. If there should happen to be two Mary Jones’s in the same area, then one of them will have put out this thought pattern to the ethers, and the other will not have done so. Therefore there will only be one request for healing out there, so that is the one that the healer’s computer mind will be tuning into. The advantage of having the full address too, means the healer can connect totally to the correct person, as many people have the same name.

A miracle cannot always be expected in one session and a lot of healing may be needed before one notices a difference…

therefore the healer may recommend having a follow up healing.

For a more serious condition, three healings in a row are important.

Prevention is better than Cure.

For general well being it is recommended to have at least 2-4 magnetic healings a year to boast the immune system, free the body of a build up of toxins and balance the energy field.

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In Person Intuitive Energy Healing

In New Zealand - Manawatu

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*An additional surcharge may apply depending on your destination.* Tara also exhibits at local Spiritual Events and offers 1:1 Mini Energy Healing Session, keep an eye out on her socials to see where she may next pop up. Tara normally sells out before the day so ensure you are proactive about securing your booking !!!

distant Intuitive Energy Healing

Online Through ZOOM

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minutes distance healing

$120 usD

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minutes distance healing

Once you click “Buy Now” button and purchase your Energy Healing, you will be sent to my calendar to book yourself in a time that suits. You can expect to receive a reminder email 1 hour before your session and another email 24 hours post the Energy Healing outlining what Tara intuitive found within your energy feild if human words need to be spoken into. As the potency of the healing can some times speak for itself!!!

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Click the link below to download the Energy Healing Client After Care. This document details everything you need to know about recovery. As always, feel free to reach out to me, Tara Goddard, with personal questions at rediscoveryoursoul@hotmail.com.


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