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what is Multidimensional Spirit School

A Multidimensional Spirit School of Intuition, Metaphysis & Quantum Thoery.

There is some much ancient wisdom in the quantum, ready to be re-anchored here to help co-create the new earth.

These lightcodes, knowledge was once our way of BEING. It lays dormant in our DNA and has be waiting for this moment now to be activated.

As we raise our vibrations and channel information from our star families, we start to remember who we really are out side of the illusion of the matrix, we become more receptive and trusting our Intuition.

Using quantum technologies to heal and upgrade our Mind + Bodies & Souls to RISE into other dimensions.

Understand metaphysics and working with the universal laws on consciousness dropping in to a deeper state of soul-flow, Trust, Magic.

A journey the the origins of your soul .

WHAT The Multidimensional Spirit School Cirriculum includes

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There are to types of acess to this school of Intuition, Metaphysis & Quantum Technology either as a Group or VIP.

Multidimensional Spirit School Membership Site + A Private Facebook Coaching Group to connect with the other students, ask and receive advice and support from me and the other intuitive souls. Group Whatsapp Chat to go deep daily for additional coaching, guidance and implementation of all the metaphysic magic. 2 x LIVE Training Events + Quantum Activations per month The trainings are held live, and times are sent out monthly. Each activation is sent out with the replay. 1 x Group Coaching Call per month to ask anything you need to help you in your journey. As the channel for your mission, nothing is off the table as everything in your life and reality is interlinked and woven in your ability to step into your next level of success.  1 x Private Session per month to dive deep into your soul mission, strategise and map out your next level of success, or receive a healing or activation. Each session is totally intuitive based on your needs and I call upon 10+ years of tools and techniques of helping people step into their ‘next level’ in leadership, business, energy healing and spiritual gifts. (VIP’s only) Unlimited Whatsapp Access to me ….you said you wanted to skyrocket your success, right?! Well, here’s the space that’s gonna happen. You and I both know the power of being in someone’s energy field who’s embodying and encoded with all that you’re stepping into. If you’re truly serious about amplifying your gifts, mission and success in the doesn’t get much better than this! (VIP’s only) Bonus Programs

This membership is like a gym membership for your SOUL! 

There are two types of memberships one for the Earth Angel’s “elementals” that like to work in the presence of other angelic beings.

Or the free Spirits who would like more of an intimate one on one connection to ascend on their own timeline.

This space is for CONSCIOUS AF spiritual leaders who are ready to call BS on their limited beliefs and step into the most aligned version of themselves. Not everyone is ready to step up, not everyone is ready to do the real work, but if you feel like this is a worthy investment to live your highest path, connect to your true vision, find your purpose, manifest your desires, and become more consciously alive…

then this is for you!

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