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16 September, 2020


expand your awareness...

expand your awareness

By understanding your past and ancient linage it anchors you in the present to amplify your soul’s gifts and purpose, and to create your desired impact in this life and multidimensional timeline.

If your soul is looking to expand is awareness by understanding…

⭐ Who you are in this realty

🌍 Who you are as a multidimensional being

⭐ Who you were in past lives, and

🌍 Where your star origins, star home and ancestors are from…

then this is the course for you.

Modalities you'll explore

The course includes the following modalities:

Exactly What You'll Learn

Exactly What You'll Learn

Module One

Who you are at a soul level


Breaking the glass ceiling


Energetic mastery and healing

Module Four

Karma, past lives, re-writing your past and consciously creating your future

Module Five

Activating ancient gifts, telepathy, light language, and intuition

Module Six

Transmuting energy

Module Seven

Travelling in the cosmic reality

Module Eight

Anchoring in 5 dimensional consciousness

the infinite intelligence of the universe lies within you.

This is a self-study, 8-module course in which you can unlock hidden secrets, lost wisdom and activate soul memories. You can bring unconsciousness to light, anchoring these rememberings and using them to understand your multidimensional purpose.

these ancient teachings are for you if...

all paths lead home

This Soulful Investment is valued at $444 USD 👽🪐☄

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Once payment is received you will receive access via email within 24-48 hours upon the release of this course on the 16th of September 2020. Look out for an email from and check your junk folder if you don’t see anything.


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