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NZ Spirit Festival

27 February- 1 March, 2020

Come see me!

I’ll be performing magnetic healing at this festival. A magnetic healer is able to recognise areas of injury and trauma within the field as their hands are drawn to these areas. They draw out the block, inflammation and trauma treating the patient with their own electromagnetic field and channelling of energy to help clear the block and help change the vibrations to effect healing.


I want to remind you of how freeing it is to embody what we know is our most enlightened reality, working with spirit in the new paradigm of light.

The theme of the evening will be guided by what the group needs. The purpose of the circle is to become more aligned with your mind, body and soul, and to unlock your true potential surrounded by like-minded people who will help empower you to be your best self.

The Spiritual Awareness Sacred Circle will take place the first Tuesday of every month.

If you wish to contact me, PM me or email: rediscoveryoursoul@hotmail.com 

Also if you aren’t already following ➡ me on FB, make sure you do so you don’t miss out on future events.

what you can expect:

  • Meditation
  • Spirit Animals 
  • Goodbye Fears
  • Energetic Mastery
  • Empathy & Boundaries
  • Working from the New Paradigm of LIGHT
  • Discovering your Intuitive Gifts
  • Clairs
  • Your personal Spirit Guides & Spirit Team
  • Archangels & Ascended Masters for you to work with
  • Angel Card Readings
  • Psychometry
  • Tools vs No tools
  • Inner Child
  • Children in Spirit
  • Tuning into Soul Mates / Twin Flames
  • Psychic Insights
  • Health Insights / Medical mediumship 
  • Past Lives
  • Mediumship
  • Channeling
  • Aromatherapy

new paradigm medicine

Curious or Curiouser about leading a holistic-based lifestyle?​

Want to learn more about how you can nourish your SOUL using Essential Oils, and the Spiritual, Emotional & Physical benefits these botanical beauties can help with?

Want to hang out with like-minded people, talk all things oils, and share your amazing experiences of working with them in the form of medicine?

Every quarter I will be running a “Make n Take Class” on the second Sunday of every month in which you get to make 4 SOUL-NOURISHING PRODUCTS!

Limited spots available, pre pay to secure your post!

 Next event is on Sunday the 12th April 2.00PM – 4.00PM.


what you can expect:

  • Diffuser/Crystal Essential Oil Bracelet
  • Auric Spray
  • Essential Oil Blend
  • Essential Oil infused lip balm
  • Essential oil infused soy candles
  • Sacred Herb Smudging Sticks infused with crystal and essential oil
  • Plus much more!

If you want more details email Tara;

Email: rediscoveryoursoul@hotmail.com

sacred sisters

Speed date with different spiritual modalities- the third Sunday of every month.

Have you always wanted to have the ultimate spiritual experience?

Every month you can come and hang out with other Soul Sisters holding the space for you to receive the ultimate Spiritual experience and connect with other like-minded people and share what you uncovered.

Come in and speed date with different spiritual modalities. Walk away enlightened and nourished, ready to share you light with the world.

Also if you aren’t already following me on FB, make sure you do, so you don’t miss out on future events.

what you can expect:

• Oracle and tarot card readings
• Auric Magnetic Healing
• Past Life Regression
• Aura Reading
• Reiki Healing
• Light Language Activations
• Plant Based Medicine
• Breath Work
• Sound Healing
• Guided Meditations and more

All services $5 for 15 minutes. 

hands on workshops

A 'Hands-on' Workshop allows you to create your own natural essential oil to take home. It’s a wonderful, personalised way to experience New Paradigm Medicine!

All our products are made without synthetic chemicals or preservatives. You will learn about the active ingredients and properties that make up your nutrient-rich, essential oil-based product.

A minimum number of 10 people is required when booking a workshop.

Workshops are ideal for girls nights, family get-togethers, hens parties, Christmas functions, work outings, club functions, conference partner programmes or schools.

All workshops are $19.99 per person (duration 1 hour).

The workshops are mobile- please contact us for more information.

product choices:

When booking for a workshop you will choose one of the following for your group to make. Within each option are some individual choices for the participants on the day. During the making process you will also learn about all of the ingredients in your products and how to use them in everyday life.​

  • Natural Skincare – go natural to safeguard your health. We’ll educate you on natural versus synthetic skincare products while you create your own gorgeous essential oil blend to take home.
  • Herbal Healing – Nature’s pharmacy can be at your backdoor and in your first aid kit. Learn how to use botanical simplicity to care of the wellbeing of you and your family. Create your own individualised essential oil blend using herbal extracts made from herbs grown in our own gardens.
  • Funshop – This fun interactive workshop is specifically designed for birthday parties, hens parties or any other social get-together! You create your very own individualised essential oil blend which suits your unique personality. You will learn about what is going into the blend and have lots of laughs!

other events

Holistic Wellbeing Spiritual Fair hosted by GKS Holism

Coming Soon, 2020

The fair starts at 10AM and finishes at 4PM, next venue to be confirmed.

I will be available at the fair all day offering a wide range of services from:

  • Mini Intuitive Guidance Readings
  • Make N Take – Intuitive Essential Oil Roller Blends
  • Make N Take crystal & lava stone bracelets
  • The “Clairs” fragrance collection
  • New Paradigm Medicine  soul nourishing products
  • Soy Candles Infused with Essential Oils
  • Lip Balms infused with Essential Oils

Golden Touch Healers

Second Monday of Every Month Starting in Feb 2020

Every second Monday of the month 7.30PM – 9.00PM

@  304 Church St, Palmerton North


Need Relief from stress, anxiety, headaches, back pain, or many other ailments?

Golden Touch Healers may be able to help!

½ hour healing sessions for a $5 donation.

I’d love to connect with you on Instagram!


While we make every effort to ensure that we accurately represent all the products and services reviewed on this website and their potential, it should be noted that, as with the nature of coaching, there are no guarantees to the results you will experience.
As with any business, your results may vary and will be based on your individual capacity, experience, expertise, and level of desire.

There are no guarantees concerning the level of happiness and success you may experience. The testimonials and examples used do not guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation.



CALLING IN all Energy Workers, Clairvoyants, Mediums, Healers, Light Leaders and experts of woo...

Zivana Donnelly and I are looking to create a Sacred Space with a diverse range of gifted experts to share their services in exchange for a koha. To give back to the community and share the experience of our gifts at an abundant price.

The purpose of this event is to create the opportunity to connect with each other sharing our unique spiritual modalities connecting on a soul level.

Learning, growing and rising together. This is an opportunity to show case your craft and give and receive a true energetic exchange from a place of love.

Let us know what you are all about and what modality you would like to share, and why it would align with this event.

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